Zero Gravity TMC 200

  1. Ultra-thin back massage machine
  2. Body scan function
  3. L shape track
  4. Acupoint & Pulse Tracking
  5. Zero gravity function
  6. Neck to buttock Reflexology Massage
  7. Space saving design
  8. Full Body Stretch
  9. 76 Air Bags
  10. Back Yoga Exercise Program
  11. 9 Auto Programs for full, upper & lower body
  12. Extra Heat Therapy function
  13. 360° Warm foot therapy
  14. Footrest extended within 23cm
  15. Foot roller function


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Main Features:

  1. Patented massage machine, with the new ultra thin & silent patented technology.
  2. Great innovation on volume and better feelings on massage program.

Kneading + Tapping + Knocking + Shiatsu + Finger Press

  1. Zero gravity function

Can make a much bigger decline angle, increasing the blood and oxygen supply for brain, improving sleeping quality, eliminating fatigue.

  1. L-shape massage rail, with the super long massage stroke, from the neck to the buttock directly. L shape design fits your body back shape perfectly, deeply massage the neck and shoulders, deeply massage your waist.
  2. Forwarder sliding function

‘0’ cm from the wall, saving space, smart and intelligent.

  1. Auto detect function. confirm the massage range according to the body shape.


  1. Air pressure massage on shoulder,waist,arm,butt,calf and foot.


  1. Extendable footrest, Special design for people with different height.


  1. Rolling&Scraping massage for sole completely.




  • Product Parameter



Packing Dimension

1580*850*860mm (Main body)

535*460*550mm (Leg rest)


The massage chair can’t
work after power is on.

Possible Reason:
1. Check if the control is on or not.
Ans. Open control switch
2. Massage function is not selected
Ans. Choose a Massage function.
3. Check if the product is plugged in properly
Ans. Make sure that plug and sockets are connected
4. Wire or plug is damaged
Ans.Please ask manufacturer or appointed or authorized maintenance man for checking and replacement.
5. The fuse burned out
Ans. Replace the fuse having same specification
6. Internal circuit problem
Ans. Please ask manufacturer or appointed or authorized maintenance man for checking and replacement.


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