1.Adopt patented mechanical massage rollers, which can provide kneading, rocking, knocking, tapping, shiatsu etc. massage methods and combinations. Also, massage rollers can move up and down in S shape to provide special massage.

  1. Adopt the L-track fit for body curves, realizing massage from neck to buttocks.
  2. Massage roller heating, providing heating therapy from neck to buttocks.
  3. 2 auto programs for choice.
  4. Massage intensity is adjustable, 3 levels for choice.
  5. Air massage on seat side and leg.
  6. Air intensity is adjustable with 3 levels.
  7. Backrest reclines, leg rest will rise by the linkage move design.
  8. Support Bluetooth music play, two loudspeakers on the two sides of head.
  9. USB port on armrest, it can charge your mobile phone while enjoying massage.


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