Frequently asked questions

Following is the list of questions that our users and customer ask frequently. If you have queries other than those mentioned below, feel free to ask us at our “get in touch” comments panel.

Product Delivery

Question In Which cities do you deliver?
AnswerOur shops are in major cities of the country (Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi). The product will be delivered from warehouse/ shop nearest to your location.
Question How long will it take to get my order?
AnswerWhen your order is confirmed, it is delivered to you within 3-7 working days.
Question Do you have a free delivery policy?
AnswerWe have free delivery in major cities i.e. Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Delivery charges may apply depending on the location of delivery.

Product Warranty

Question How can I register my product?
AnswerTo register your product

  1. login/ signup to our website
  2. go to warranty registration tab
  3. add your product description as shown on the page
  4. submit it
  5. your product is registered

Question How can I check my product warranty?
AnswerRegister your product and go to my product tab. Click on the desired product. It will show the details about that product.
Question What are the charges I have to pay if the product is out of its warranty period?
AnswerCustomer will be charged according to the fault detected by the technical department (the amount will be non-negotiable and non-refundable)
Question Do new parts come with warranty?
AnswerNo, they don’t come with a warranty.

Contact and communication

Question How can I contact sales and services department?
AnswerPlease check our “contact us” page for help, support and services.
Question Where can I buy these products?
AnswerYou can buy these products from our web store or from any shop location mentioned in the shop locator page or address at our contact page.
Question What are the different payment methods that you accept?
AnswerWe deal in Credit Card payment and Cash on delivery (COD).

If the product amount is fully payed by credit card, product will be delivered to the customer. If the amount is payed partially by Credit card or Cash than the remaining payment should be given in Cash on the time of delivery.


Question Does JC Buckman provides support online?
AnswerYes, JC Buckman provides online support. Feel free to email us at for any question/queries regarding our products. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Question Where should I send my product for repair?
AnswerRegister a PR (product receipt) against your product from any shop and deliver your products to our nearest shop or you can call us at our UAN number +92 304 1110522 and select desired extension. We’ll guide you through the procedure.
Question Can I purchase spare parts to do my own repairs?
AnswerYes. You can purchase spare parts but if you do your own repairs, the company will not be responsible for any damage of the part or product during repair.
Question How to use a coupon?
AnswerLogin to your JC Buckman profile. When buying a product in the cart menu, add the coupon number before checking out for discounts.

Product Usage Questions

Question Is it safe to use these products?
AnswerJC Buckman products are made with skin friendly material; no harmful matter is used. Every product is safe & easy to use.
Question Do these products have a healthy effect?
AnswerYes. These products are designed by keeping in mind people’s health and fitness for a healthy effect in their lifestyles.